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Link Wray

Slinky! The Epic Sessions 2-CD Set

compact disc | $24.98

SC 11098

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For many a year, you’ve salivated at the thought of all the raw-hided, fuzz-fueled wonders by Link Wray locked away in the Epic Records vaults. Well, salivate no more! Slinky! The Epic Sessions, a deluxe double-whammy 2 CD set from Link Wray and the Wraymen—brother Doug on drums, Shorty Horton on bass, and brother Vernon on rhythm guitar and piano—captures their complete Epic recordings and some of the raunchiest guitar ever commited to tape! Recorded between late 1958 and early ‘61, our master-tape motherlode features 46 cuts—a whopping 16 previously unissued—including sensational single-sides, album cuts and alternate takes, all with riffs as sharp as a switchblade!

1. Slinky
2. Mary Ann*
3. Right Turn
4. Raw-Hide
5. Ramble
6. Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby
7. Caroline
8. Studio Blues
9. Walkin’ With Link
10. Dixie-Doodle
11. Radar
12. Oh Babe Be Mine
13. Lillian
14. Comanche
15. Dance Contest
16. Guitar Cha-Cha
17. Rumble Mambo
18. El Toro
19. Comanche (demo)*
20. Right Turn (alternate take)*
21. Lillian (alternate take)*
22. Kiki*
23. Moonlight Love*

1. Handclapper
2. Mary Ann
3. Golden Strings
4. New Studio Blues
5. Rendezvous
6. Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
7. Ramble (alternate take)*
8. Slinky (alternate take)*
9. Walkin’ With Link (alternate take)*
10. Young And In Love (demo)*
11. Stupid Pony (The Ponies)
12. Goose Bumps (Doug Wray)
13. School Girl (Doug Wray)
14. Night Life (Bert & Ray)
15. Slow Drag (Bert & Ray)
16. New Studio Blues (alternate take)*
17. Golden Strings (demo)*
18. Ain’t That Lovin’ You Baby (alternate take)*
19. If This Is Wrong*
20. Oh Babe Be Mine (alternate take)
21. Radar (alternate take)*
22. Tijuana
23. Tenderly*

*previously unissued

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