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1. Jack The Ripper
2. The Black Widow
3. Week End
4. Turnpike U.S.A.
5. The Sweeper
6. Run Chicken Run
7. The Shadow Knows
8. My Alberta
9. Deuces Wild
10. Summer Dream
11. Good Rockiní Tonight
12. Iíll Do Anything
13. Iím Branded
14. Hang On
15. Please Please Me
16. Rumble Ď65
17. Girl From The North Country
18. You Hurt Me So
19. The Fuzz
20. Ace Of Spades
21. Batman Theme
22. Alone
23. Ace Of Spades
24. Hidden Charms
25. Let The Good Times Roll
26. Soul Train

Link Wray

The Swan Singles Collection '63-67 2-LP Set

LP | $28.98

LP 5178

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Pressed at R.T.I.

The crunching, smack-in-your-face power chords driving hard rockís thundering heart can be traced directly back to Link Wray.

His pulverizing sound forged a new path for rock Ďní roll guitar, and he was never more lethal than during his 1963-1967 tenure at Philadelphia-based Swan Records.

Link unleashed some of the nastiest licks of his phenomenal recording career on the mighty Swan seven-inchers, all of which are corralled on this Sundazed double High-Definition Vinyl gatefold edition, in crunchily accurate sound courtesy of the original mono master tapes!


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