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United States of America

Hard Coming Love / Osamuís Birthday 7" single

7" (vinyl) | $8.98

KS7 04

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Led by respected avant-garde musician Joseph Byrd, the United States Of America was a seething, fiercely experimental blend of Pink Floyd, John Cage and the Velvet Underground, tempered by the icy yet lovely vocals of Dorothy Moskowitz. Here are two previously unissued versions of works-in-progress, both cut live in the studio by this seminal psychedelic combo that also featured violinist Gordon Marron, bassist Rand Forbes and drummer Craig Woodson. ďHard Coming Love,Ē raw and rocking here, would become a highlight of the bandís only album. The originally-unissued ďOsamuís BirthdayĒówhose eerie vocal track was sung phonetically backwards by Moskowitz, then reversed for other-worldly effectóis sung here by Moskowitz... forwards. The effect is still shattering.

1. Hard Coming Love
2. Osamu’s Birthday

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The United States Of America - The United States of America

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Hard Coming Love Single - Download on iTunes
Hard Coming Love Single - Download on iTunes
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United States Of America CD
United States of America
United States Of America CD