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1. Slippin’ And Slidin’
2. It’s You Girl
3. Make Me Or Break Me
4. Ya Hurt Me
5. Without You
6. Roll Over Beethoven
7. I’m Feelin’ O.K.
8. The Train
9. I Know They Lie
10. Don’t Matter To Me
11. She's-A-My Own
12. It’s A Cryin’ Shame

The Five Americans

Early Americans LP

LP | $24.98 $8.99

BR 143

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The Five Americans, five Oklahoma kids who blew the roof off the national charts when they moved to Dallas in 1966 and cut smashes like “I See the Light” and “Western Union,” recorded plenty of swaggering garage material just before their chart-topping days at Abnak Records. With the full cooperation of the band, Sundazed has unearthed a Texas-sized load of fuzzy ’n primitive Americans sides that have never seen the light of day, as well as the master tapes for the band’s ultra-rare Jetstar singles, circa ’64-’66. Put ’em all together and you have our new Early Americans compilation — a powerhouse, high-definition BeatRocket LP that’s guaranteed to get anyone in the vicinity dancing till dawn’s early light.

Also available as a digital download on iTunes.

Tracks on this release also appear on the following compilation:
Garage Beat '66 Vol. 2: Chicks Are For Kids CD


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