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1. I Can Only Give You Everything: Bram Rigg Set
2. Don't Press Your Luck: The Shags
3. Help Me: George's Boys*
4. Too Many Lies: The Lively Ones*>
5. Take the Time Be Yourself: Bram Rigg Set
6. Hide Away: The Shags
7. ‘SSS’ Happenin’ Here: Uranus and the Five Moons*
8. Sleepless Nights: The Ravens*
9. You're Cutting Out: Fourth Ryke*
10. I've Paid My Dues: The Bearies*
11. Radio Spot: WAVZ Radio Jingle: The Shags
12. No Good to Cry: The Wildweeds
13. Think: The Lively Ones*
14. I Can't Explain: Bram Rigg Set*
15. Breathe in My Ear: The Shags
16. Please Leave: Fourth Ryke*
17. Radio Spot: Specter's Radio Ad: The Shags
18. Nothing Remains: Uranus and the Five Moons*
19. You Don't Love Me: Bram Rigg Set*
20. Come Back to Me: The Shags*
21. LUV: The Roadrunners*
22. I’m Dreaming:The Wildweeds LP Bonus Track
23. Your Groove: Uranus and the Five Moons LP Bonus Track
24. Hey, Little Girl: The Shags LP Bonus Track
25. Sticks and Stones: George’s Boys* LP Bonus Track
26. Bad News for Me: The Bearies* LP Bonus Track
27. Make a Record with the Shags: The Shags*

*previously unissued

Various Artists – Don't Press Your Luck!

Don't Press Your Luck! The IN Sound of 60's Connecticut Ltd. Edition 2-LP Set

LP | $28.98

LP 5219

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The pounding garage-rock din emanating from the jungles of deepest Connecticut could overwhelm the senses, causing the weary NY commuter to become disoriented! Who knew that the most deranged ‘66-‘68 teenage mayhem imaginable would come from Wallingford’s Trod Nossel Studios, whose owner/producer Thomas “Doc” Cavalier (a former dentist) recorded top-flight acts as diverse as the tough ‘n’ melodic Shags (“Don’t Press Your Luck”), the R&B-consumed Wildweeds (“No Good to Cry,” featuring a Pre-NRBQ Al Anderson on vocals) and fuzzed-out punks the Bram Rigg Set (“I Can Only Give You Everything”). SUNDAZED presents, on double-LP vinyl and compact disc, the high-impact, garage-rock havoc— at least two-thirds of it totally unreleased—that finally tears the lid off Connecticut’s best-kept rock ‘n’ roll secret!

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The Shags - Don't Press Your Luck!


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Other Formats Available:
Don't Press Your Luck! The IN Sound of 60's Connecticut - CD
Don't Press Your Luck! The IN Sound of 60's Connecticut - CD
compact disc
Don't Press Your Luck! - Download on iTunes
Don't Press Your Luck! - Download on iTunes
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