• BeatRocket

    Whether they’re mop-topped garage punks, sunbleached reverb-drenched surf addicts or mushroom-munching Summer of Love longhairs, you can just feel it when a band belongs on the BeatRocket label.


    The CD and heavy-duty high definition-vinyl home to combos as celebrated as the Sonics, the Sir Douglas Quintet and the Trashmen or as obscure as the Mourning Reign, BeatRocket is an inexplicable force of nature. It’s like asking why water goes down the drain clockwise. It just is. Fortunately, there’s a litmus test to determine if a combo is truly BeatRocket-worthy: They’ve gotta be KILLER!!

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    114-Sonics-300107-SurfinBird-300143-Americans-300123-BestSirDoug-300BR-124_SirDouglas-300 BR-102-Mourning-300 111-soma1-300 112-soma2-300 113-soma3-300  BR-104_Roadrunners-300 119-gto-300 120-sandy-300  138-maze-300     BR-126_JK-300118-WildStrings-300